Revival of CCS Fanfiction?

Yep. You read that right.

A few nights ago, when my internet was down for sometime, I ended up reading old files in my old external hard drive. All of my original fanfic files are still here, and I’m glad, because FFnet hasn’t been a very good server to upload the entire content without cutting off the important portions. Anyway.

I abandoned Troop Pegalion back in 2014 because, well, life happened, plus the horrible writer’s block too. In addition, I needed to move on forward if I’m serious in getting into the web development field. I had to set aside my creative juices and abandon my beloved Sakura & Syaoran pairing for, well, my real life.1

And I re-read my old fanfic files, including my finished Stuffed Animal. I know it’s really badly written, but then it’s already out there LOL. Because of that, I fell in love with Sakura and Syaoran again that I decided to rewrite Troop Pegalion to a direct sequel.

On the other hand, I began writing Stuffed Animal back in 2002, and then abandoned it. It wasn’t until some 11 years later (2013) that I began to revive it again, but in novel format this time.2 And of course, a slew of 1960s love songs that I listened to on my Pandora and Amazon Music that gave me a whole lot more inspiration to write it.

And here I am again, back to fanfiction writing again. I am still taking classes, so I wouldn’t be able to update as fast with Troop Pegalion as much as I did with Stuffed Animal. My readers would definitely understand.

I recently opened my creatives journal and adding content in it, mainly tutorials. I’m also planning on reopening my old Sakura & Syaoran pairing site that I opened back in 2002 along with the fanfics galore. So much plans coming soon!

On the sidenote...

  1. actually, it’s my fault, because I ended up playing some MMORPG that I seriously wanted to forget now. []
  2. It was originally in a musical play script, but it just made no sense and it just took too dang long. []