Plans for Adri Mars

I’m talking about the site, not myself. 

I know I mentioned in the Works section that I won’t be posting any literary pieces on this site except for the usual blog entries, but after having some deep thoughts while doing the revamp of this site, I decided that I really do need to make this site alive one way or the other. Just writing blog posts isn’t going to count it. I will admit that I have somewhat lost touch with the writing world for the past two years or so and that I really do need to catch up and get myself on my writer self once more.

Blogcritics now has a flash fiction section. A flash fiction is a short story that is 1,000 words or (slightly) less. No more than 1K. The fact of the matter is, I’ve never written flash fiction before, and it is rather difficult to write a good one. I’ll definitely will have to look in this genre before I proceed any further.

In short though, I would begin to write some samples on my Scrivener and maybe submit a few of those to Blogcritics and others here on this site. I’m also thinking about moving my Fun Stuff section from my personal blog to this site as well. That includes the comic strips1 and my random (pseudo-)haiku. But once again, we’ll see.

It’s a short blog entry, I know, but I’m writing this to know that I have returned and will begin to write again.

On the sidenote...

  1. Absolutely ADRICULOUS and Hella Bay! []