I am a Tweener!

Has any of you writers of all genres and interests ever read, or at least, go by creative writing reference books? You’re looking at one right here. 

I’m one of those people who learn by reading. You can imagine me spending many of my spare time on the computer just reading Wikipedia and learning a whole lot new things that sometimes my parents wondered if I failed certain classes on purpose, not because I wasn’t good at them or even understood the material, but simply because I was completely uninterested in the subject altogether. But anyway, moving on.

While reading the first few chapters of this particular reference textbook, Write Your Novel From the Middle by James Scott Bell, I couldn’t believe the many characteristics many of the different writers have. It seems that each writer has their own quirky way of assembling their story, which probably would make their stories as unique and compelling without even expecting it. From reading the first few chapters, according to the book, I fall in to the “tweeners” category. I possess these certain traits, that is, according to this book:

  • I have the story concept and even the series of events in my mind, and yet I don’t write them down on paper as part of my story outline or diagram structure.
  • The only time that I actually take notes and outline them is when I flesh out the characteristics of the characters I write and simply take sidenotes of them, such as their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, fears, and their relationships with other characters.

So in short, I write out on a whim like a pantser and at times follow the pre-written notes and apply them to the writing, like the plotter. I do both, thus I am a Tweener.

But currently I am reading this book and haven’t really gotten around to begin writing again.1 Mainly because of work, web projects, and other offline activities, however I am finding the new method of starting my story right in the middle and simply write the events before it and then write the events after that middle. The middle, of course, is where the real story is; the rising conflict leading right to the climax.

I will absolutely going to try this method. After all, I still have yet to start writing and fleshing out my new original fic. I hope though that I get to debut it in Jukepop, as well as with Wattpad, Figment, and even FictionPress. I’ll probably going to do the same when I start rewriting my CCS fanfic, Troop Pegalion.

I will get to it. You’ll see. Just wait and watch. 

On the sidenote...

  1. I’ve got about three web projects lined up, with two already on the works, so it may take awhile for me to get back to writing again. []