Going back to Cozy Mysteries

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It has been two months since I finally completed my WordPress Development Blueprint program at Skillcrush, and yet I found myself not being active at writing again because of a series of site projects that I started working on. One of them happens to be my personal blog. I’m still working on them when I have the time1 and I don’t even have a projected time to finish any of them. Sadly.

However, lately, just like in the past, I have been playing video games as always. They’re not MMORPGs, to be honest, but they have become my “getaway” from the real world. In fact, it’s actually Sims 4. Just like with my now-officially shelved Hawkeye K.O., I actually found inspiration for a cozy mystery story when I created a teen character for my character and my man’s character in the game. I named her Ema Frye2. With short cropped bob hairdo, her tall and slender posture, her simple yet smart fashion tastes, and her high intelligence,3 I discovered that Ema can become the perfect amateur sleuth for a cozy mystery series that can have a lot of comedic elements, romantic elements, and a bit of the teenage drama here and there.

In the past, I’m known for including teen idols and famous people in my past original fiction stories, and once again, I’m including those elements again. I can’t help it, the teen idol industry (not the teen idols themselves) is quite fascinating to me. If you start to follow Asian pop culture, especially Japan and South Korea, you’ll see what I mean.

I haven’t written any excerpts yet, but I’ve already come up with the title and have written out detailed character traits and history for Ema Frye. I’ve also written out the details of the regional setting where this series would take place. I also came up with the title also: 60 Days of Ema. I’ll eventually reveal the “60 Days” portion of the title much later when I finally wrote my first draft.

That’s all for now. I know I would probably disappear on hiatus again because of my web projects, but I’ll do what I can to keep you guys posted regarding this new cozy mystery story/series project. Summer should be the best time to write fiction, and yet my job has been keeping me away from home and away from my computer. Sadly. 

On the sidenote...

  1. work, etc., has taken so much of my usual free time. It’s hard to make time for things I always loved working on, sadly… []
  2. the “Frye” surname just came out of nowhere when my sister one time started talking about watching old YouTube clips of the old ’80s TV series Punky Brewster, with the title character played by former child actress Soleil Moon Frye. []
  3. I would have to thank the Sims 4 cheat codes for this one… []