The Exiled Tindalls (potential new story)

I wrote this short piece, in which I call the prologue of all prologues, of a potential fantasy/mystery/comedy romance story about two types of families who share the same surname. The first family is that of the magical kingdom’s ruling royal family. The second family is that of a humble peasant family living some several hundred miles down south from the kingdom’s capital city. I don’t have the whole summary of what the story is about yet, but here’s the short rough draft piece that I wrote the other day.

Tentatively titled The Exiled Tindalls, I’m pretty sure I could come out with a more appropriate title in the future should I end up continuing on with this story.


The Tindall Men-at-Arms Grand Hall
Swyncastle, Lunaris

Just in the nick of time, she arrived in full-speed, just enough to block the corrupted dark blade that was meant to lunge through the young king’s heart.

Much to the surprise of those witnessing this life and death duel between king and the demonic usurper, her father’s sword was able to withstand the indescribable strength of the cursed blade. The usurper himself showed his disbelief and was taken aback by the sudden block from some mere girl he couldn’t care less about. Witnesses weak and injured on the sidelines gasped in disbelief when she with a The king, stern and confident even in the brink of near death, had high expectations to his unlikely hero. The problem was, of all the heroes existing in his fallen kingdom, it had to be her.

She pointed her father’s sword, with its very ordinary shape and form as if an amateur blacksmith crafted it yesterday, towards the oppressor whom he named himself emperor over her torched kingdom. Just like how her home province was burned down in the past, she had no problem rebuilding right from its ashes. But first, she would have to clean up the dark energy that clouded their once majestic home. The mad fiend standing before her grinned confidently, with the king standing up, placing his hand right on her shoulder.

“Why are you here?” The king demanded answers in his stern but fading voice. “This fight… doesn’t include you in it.”

She shifted her eyes right at the royal-blooded young man behind her and gave a confident glint. “You’ve forgotten the words from the Astral Book of Prophecy, Your Majesty.”

“The Astral Book of Prophecy is nothing but words! Stay away and let me finish this fight!”

“I have no time to argue with you, Your Majesty. If someone has to die right here and right now, it will have to be the ones who want you alive.”

“Listen, you don’t know who you’re dealing with right now—”

“Your Majesty… I know exactly who I am dealing with right now. This is why I arrived to take over this fight. I was born for this moment, don’t you see.”

“You…” the king muttered in disbelief. She only responded by shoving her shoulder away from his hands. “You are not going to survive.”

She closed her eyes while looking up, then turned her face towards the concerned king. “But you will, Your Majesty. You will.”

She shoved her shoulder away from his grip and marched forward, still with her sword pointed right at her king’s enemy. The snickering megalomaniac raised his dark saber, pointing at the direction towards her and the king standing behind her.

“Foolish little girl,” he chortled. “Along with a pathetic-looking toy sword in her hand, you march towards your death. You should listen and obey your king’s orders.”

She returned the chortle with a glint. “As long as I’m standing right in front of you, Lunaris remains standing.”

“Lunaris is mine and the Tindall Dynasty will perish in my grasp! Killing you would just be a waste of time.”

She stood still with her indifferent expression. “You are not afraid of destroying our homes and killing innocent Lunarian lives, and yet killing me would be a waste of time. What are you afraid of?”

The depraved aging man with the balding head, donning in white knight’s robe, broke into laughter. “Don’t make me laugh, girl! Look around you! Everything in this kingdom is now burned to the ground. Why waste your precious life over something that no longer exist?”

Confident as ever without fear, she remained without a flinch. She tightened the grip on the hilt. “Lunaris still exists because the Tindall Family lives.”

“Then step aside if you know what’s good for you, girl. Let me end the life of your precious king, as well as the lives of his pathetic brother and sister. Hand them to me, and you and your people shall continue to live under my reign.”

She drew her sword back and placed her other hand over hers to keep it steady. “Us, follow you? We’re Lunarians, and we are willing to die in the name of our land and our king.”

“You have no hope, girl. This will be the last time that I warn you of your fate! This so-called mythical Demonscourge your king speaks of does not exist! Now, back off slowly or else!”

She stepped back to her ready position. To her, this will be a do or die duel. She could hear the protests of her king, her younger siblings, and their comrades calling out her name. Before she arrived on the scene, she knew she already made peace with her destiny. There was no turning back now.

“There is only one Tindall Family existing in Lunaris, Sir,” she spoke out her answer.

“One Tindall Family?”


“Enough talk! It’s time for you to die!”

The armed megalomaniac began to dash his way in her direction with a scream enough to kill anyone on his way. She took a quick glimpse towards her king and her siblings, who are unable to move because of their earlier battle injuries. She could see the melancholic eyes of those she fought with throughout their past battles. But most of all, she found one eye of the king she served, forming a tear.

Finally, she snapped her head back and then shouted her battle cry. She charged with her sword ahead of her, aiming towards her enemy.

I finally found the true purpose of my living, Mother, Father. Please, shower me with your blessings, she heard her voice speak her mind.

This do or die duel between girl and demon began, just as both of their respective blades clash against each other. As the blades clashed, the king and the overwhelmed witnesses around them watched this fight before their eyes. There were signs of struggles and disbelieving expressions coming from the psychotic emperor, wondering how his dark blade consumed and corrupted with so much evil aura around it could not penetrate against the hero’s plain-crafted sword. The clash continued on after a few seconds of resting breaks.

The king began to remember the words from the Astral Book of Prophecy, as well as some history lessons learned from the master soothsayer in the past regarding the Tindall Royal Family’s tumultuous and turbulent past and the mythical legend of the Demonscourge, a legendary sword so powerful and at times, uncontrollable, known to kill demons from the lowest kind to the ruler of demons himself. As his mind repeated the words, he then began to realize something.

He began to murmur his realization to himself as he continued to watch this girl hero risking her life for him, his people, and for their kingdom. Along with the murmur, a hint of smile appeared on his face.

“You’re mocking me all this time…” He muttered to himself. “The legendary Demonscourge is right here all along. Right in front of my eyes.”

The story is inspired by my current favorite video game I’m playing at least once or twice a week: Final Fantasy XV. Of course, it’s not exactly going to be the same concept as this one, but a lot of inspirations, from the setting to even the way of life, really got me recreating this world from out on a whim.

So, what do you all think? Should I give it a go and continue on?