Confessions of a Sakura & Syaoran Fangirlfic Writer

I just had to write about this, simply because I have officially closed my now-closed Stuffed Animal CCS fanfiction blog and then integrate it here at my writing site. I already announced it on my profile page of FFnet of its move and I also announced it on my personal Twitter account to have readers follow the new @AdriMarsWrites Twitter instead. Despite of the new and recent manga and anime series being released and becoming popular among the masses,1 there really isn’t any other series that can convince me to embrace and enjoy the classic “old school” manga/anime in which I grew along with. Card Captor Sakura manga debuted in 1996 by a prolific group of female manga artists and writers known as CLAMP. At that time, I was already second year in college, nineteen-years-old, and just rediscovering my love for anime and manga through my classmates in my Japanese language school. At that time also, i was a die-hard fangirl of another classic anime/manga series, Ranma 1/2, by another prolific female manga artist/writer Rumiko Takahashi.2 Because of that, I paid no attention to CCS until I graduated from college and started purchasing my own site domains. It wasn’t until 2002 that I finally paid attention to CCS because at that time, I was disappearing from the whole video game girl scene.3 I actually purchased and built a fansite with its own domain ( dedicated to the series and also a gallery of most (if not all) of Sakura Kinomoto’s card captor outfits created by her best friend and fashion designer wanna-be, Tomoyo Daidouji. It was then that I found myself drifting away from the video game fanfiction writing to anime/manga fanfiction writing again. CCS became the second anime/manga series that I’ve written fanfiction for.4 Today, for some strange particular reason, I am already thinking about my semi-abandoned CCS fanfic, Troop Pegalion. I was also writing another CCS fanfic in conjunction but I lost interest in that one as well. Before, I thought about rewriting Troop Pegalion from the beginning. In fact, I even thought about rewriting the ending of Stuffed Animal itself as well, but then I thought that it’s best if I leave it as is. But yes, we’ll see. We’ll definitely see. I don’t think that I will be returning back to writing fiction/fanfiction as of this moment as blogging is simply my limited task when it comes to writing. I am still rebuilding all of my websites using the new skills and techniques that I’ve recently learned from taking classes at Udemy, plus I am still determined to look for a job in web designing or somewhere in that same field. I’m currently working for a bakery cafe as a storefront associate and obviously, my pay isn’t really going to help me get myself upgraded, so to speak, in to being the “ideal” web designer that I should be. But don’t fret, fellow readers! I will eventually go back to writing, as long as you keep following me on this blog and on Twitter, as well as my Facebook fanpage. You see those links to those social media accounts right above at the header area. I also dreamed about the kids of our favorite couples, at least, derived from Stuffed Animal, and I think that one of the main reasons why I want to rewrite Troop Pegalion simply because I want to create another fanfic that only stars the kids of our favorite pairings themselves only. In other words, I’m getting myself confused as I was writing. Shame on me. 

On the sidenote...

  1. Attack on Titan comes to mind. My sister has the manga series, but she lives far away so I have no access to it. I’m too cheap to buy any anime DVDs at the moment… []
  2. in case some of you may not know, Ranma 1/2 was Takashi-san’s most popular work back then, way before Inuyasha first debuted. []
  3. Did I mention this? I was also a die-hard Final Fantasy/SQUARE video gamer girl during the first two years of the 2000s decade… and my first website with its own domain just happened to be a Final Fantasy 8-related fansite. Go figure. []
  4. My first? It’s the Dragonball series. Yes, I was a major DB/DBZ fan back in the early days of the internet, way before DB/DBZ started to become popular in the U.S. Sadly, when I first wrote my DBZ fanfiction, FFnet hasn’t existed yet. That fanfiction, sadly, no longer exists. []