Chapter 1 of Hawkeye K.O. Now Available!

In case you haven’t started reading the prologue of my first Jukepop serial, Hawkeye K.O., here’s your chance to read two more chapters! That’s right, Chapter 1 is already up!

Without spoiling way too much, this is the first chapter which will introduce the characters whom we will normally see throughout the story. This also includes, of course, our main character, Kyrina Overstreet. The chapter is around 4000 words, and for those who have followed me for a long time now as a fanfic writer, 4000 words is, so to speak, too short for a chapter in my standards.1 But because this has become a part of Jukepop, a rather selective (not that selective but still) writer community that actually rewards you rather than just post stories and receive reviews from fellow readers and writers, I do have to be a little simpler when it comes to the chapter lengths.

I actually had a lot of drafts regarding how I was going to start the story altogether. In fact, I actually did not think of putting in a prologue chapter in the first place. I tried starting it with an ending, or started it somewhere in the middle, but to my chagrin, I don’t even know how the ending or the middle would be like. So instead, I started it off with a partial interview and then an event that would just introduce some action, rather than just the character and background.

Please do enjoy Chapter 1. Don’t forget to register at Jukepop so you can vote for the story, and of course, leave all your comments and thoughts.

Thank you so much! 

On the sidenote...

  1. rather, in Adri Mars fanfic standards []