Troop Pegalion Returns!

Troop PegalionYes, indeed! My long-abandoned AU1 Card Captor Sakura fanfiction is back with a brand-new approach, brand-new chapter. Because I only uploaded 2-3 chapters on FFnet, it was easy for me to discard all of that and start over with a brand-new story and a slightly altered intended plot, but it still has the same focuses as my original plan for this story.

I posted my “fanfiction cover” of Troop Pegalion on FFnet and I chose particularly this fanfiction that I’ve had it stashed on my old hard drive for several years. Because this was taken from a gallery, there was no mention of the artist’s name, nor the contact information,2 but I believe that this art really fits the story plot, especially the “pegalion” part in Kero-chan (seen in between the sleeping Syaoran and Sakura on the grass).

If you’re wondering, yes, Kero-chan (Keroberos) will make a few brief appearances on the story, just to drive our beloved characters I’ve written for Stuffed Animal crazy.3 The usual sweetness of Sakura and Syaoran, as well as other pairings from Stuffed Animal, but I’m also focusing on scenarios that are competitive. I mentioned about the sports camp, the rivalries between the two towns (Tomoeda and Nijibe), and other challenges that await our characters, from planning for the future to dealing with some complicated social issues, from relationships to even friendships to a few of some mix-ups here and there, just like how we’ve experienced it with Stuffed Animal.

In Chapter 1, I decided to start with a focus on one of CCS‘s most minor of all the minor characters, Takashi Yamazaki. Why did I start with a heavy focus on him? In CCS, Yamazaki-kun is the only male friend of the two major male characters, Syaoran Li and Eriol Hiiragizawa, and while majority of the CCS romance fanfics involving Sakura and Syaoran, as well as Eriol and Tomoyo, the three minor girls (Chiharu MiharaRika Sasaki, and Naoko Yanagisawa) were always mentioned, but very little to never about Yamazaki-kun. Sure, he may be the biggest liar everyone has ever met throughout the story, but regardless of his constant lying about anything random, he also has a good heart. He has been a good friend to Sakura, Tomoyo, and all the girls (especially his childhood girlfriend, Chiharu), and he has also “tamed” the likes of Syaoran and Eriol and gained their trust4 before any of the girls have.

Because of this, I have given the title of the first chapter, Credits to Takashi Yamazaki, as my own dedication to that compulsive liar of a kid. He deserves the recognition.

On the sidenote...

  1. alternate universe []
  2. but if you do see this, please contact me and I will provide the proper credit or even remove it. Thanks! []
  3. actually, just to give them some moral and spiritual support… []
  4. like the very naive Sakura, Syaoran and Eriol also believe in Yamazaki’s never-ending lies. In fact, even Eriol makes Yamazaki’s lies a lot more believable than it already is by adding on some more and simply agreeing with him. []