Some Ugly Technical Issues

I may end up doing a major overhaul of this website. A very, very major overhaul.

I compiled a quick list on what I need to do to improve this website, and I do plan on working on it very soon. Hopefully.

  1. I need to figure out the culprit within this site as to what is always prompting me to end up in a suspicious website of some random ad that spells “malware/virus trap” all over the place. I have a feeling it’s a plugin, but I need to check carefully.
  2. Change my blog theme into something a lot simpler and a whole lot more “writer-friendly.” More text, more beautiful typography, less on everything else.
  3. Figure out how to use the Divi Builder plugin and take advantage of it, especially on a third-party (non-Elegant Themes built) theme. Of course, I’m creating a child theme first and foremost.
  4. All of my articles that I wrote in Technorati (and probably Blogcritics) are long gone. I pretty much have no work to share with you guys now to showcase some of my non-fiction work. 

The first one would be a priority on my list. I’ll deal with the others at a later time. Yes, this has been a bad day.