So sorry for the absence!

Yes, I will admit that I have fell out of the internet writing world and got myself sucked in to a particular MMORPG and then a few of my real life events1 also got mixed up along with my days trapped in that particular MMORPG. But thanks to that MMORPG, I finally got a lot more ideas and inspiration for Hawkeye K.O.

In actuality, I wanted to start rewriting Hawkeye K.O. from the beginning in a different approach, maybe a few character change names or so, but the story plot is still somewhat similar. At the moment though, I vowed to myself that in this new year of 2015 that I would push forward to pursue my remote job/career as a WordPress site developer. If you’re unfamiliar with WordPress or simply just websites in particular, this website that I have now is completely powered by WordPress. I have been taking a 3-month blueprint class on WordPress development since February, and because that it is also Lent season, I also gave up video games, both MMORPGs and consoles, even mobile video games on my Android phone, for this year’s Lenten season. In that way, I can concentrate more on my classes, improving my current websites with new themes and designs,2 and of course, create more digital artwork to add to my upcoming redesigning of my portfolio.

As for Hawkeye K.O., rather than bothering/writing about Kyrina’s scholarship essay explaining her theory about the God Prince Legend, I’m going to add a diary/journal format in some of the chapters in between here and there instead for a better flow. I’ll also try to limit my wordiness with my chapters and not write too many scenes in just one chapter. On the other hand, this is what happens when your mind is just simply brimming of ideas that you can’t help but to write everything down before you forget about them. I installed a “diary” app on my phone3 to help me jot down those ideas so I can get back to those notes in case I forget them when I start to write.

But once again, I’m setting aside the writer side of me for now until I have completed my WordPress development classes, so please, bare with me. Just keep in mind that professional/best-selling authors can take a few years or more just to complete one novel for many reasons and circumstances. This particular novel that I’m writing isn’t NaNoWriMo style, so please, be patience once more. Thank you very much! 

On the sidenote...

  1. Sister’s wedding… []
  2. I still like the theme for this site, therefore I’m leaving it like this for the time being until I get tired of it.   []
  3. I got a new phone for Christmas, thanks to my awesome bro~!  []