Server migration & new focus

Whew, it’s been several months since the last time I’ve posted here! And sadly, I haven’t progressed with anything because I was too focused on my technical survival side.1

Due to some unfortunate situation back in late March that caused me a long period of downtime2 that I decided to move some of my sites to a new server. Maybe some of these are hobby sites, but the most important once, such as my (upcoming) portfolio, my blogs, and such, were needed to be moved out. If I had some hobby sites like fansites and fanlistings, it won’t be a problem, but sites that deal with important matters such as a professional portfolio needed for job searching and general blogging are needed to be up at all times.

In the beginning, I thought about letting the domain expire, but then I realized that this domain doesn’t expire until April of next year. After more second thoughts, I decided to keep the domain and improve the content and intent of the site.

What changes?

Here are some of the following changes that I will be making:

  • New layout. Most likely, I will be using the same parent theme. Most likely, I will be using the same child theme also. However, I think I will be creating a brand-new child theme for this. I am also in the process of creating a new logo that would replace that plain text that you see above.3
  • New content. Most of the time, I usually write about my fic story ideas, my progress in NaNoWriMo if I ever decide to participate, maybe some few tips to writing stories,4 and such. However, the blog itself is not progressing very well, mainly from my end. I am currently studying (or rather updating myself) web development, therefore my writing and site mainting is primarly focused on these two blogs: The ADRICULOUS Life and The NINPOJineous. Please do visit them when you do have time to spare. For the new content, I plan on putting up some select book reviews. I am also currently writing book reviews for the Blogcritics online magazine for the past 6-7 years, but lately I haven’t been reading that many books or that I haven’t found the perfect book for me to review. I may be writing the same reviews and post them here, but it would be more on the reflective side, like writing book reports back in school.

I still have yet to brainstorm on how else I’m going to get this writing site going and what else I should add. I’ve already added a Flash Fic category, but I haven’t really come up with ideas for flash fics. If any, they may probably be fanfic-style flash fics. But again, we’ll see what happens.

And, that would be it for this new entry. More to come later.

On the sidenote...

  1. Rebuilding my portfolio and finding a new tech job… []
  2. 1 week… []
  3. Sure, I’m using a fancy-ish font, but it looks quite plain, especially for a part-time graphic designer as myself, right? []
  4. not claiming to be a pro or an expert here… []