New Fiction: Hawkeye K.O.

I would like to let everyone know that I have submitted a short intro piece to a new fiction that I have planned to work on for so long now at Jukepop. I now provide the title: Hawkeye K.O.

I would really love to become a Jukepop author mainly because I can finally have a chance to earn some money for my writing. If I accomplish this, I can finally post this at other sites as well, mainly at FictionPress and Wattpad. The only thing is, I may probably write excerpts instead, for I do plan to have readers pay a little to read the rest of the chapters. Of course, it would be like buying a book.

Here is what I submitted to Jukepop a few days ago. Don’t worry, it’s free, and there isn’t much any spoilers here except for what you read here.

When I was only eleven, I committed a bloody murder.

There was a desperate cry for help and I knew immediately that lives are in grave danger. We live in a world where pacifism and warfare are in a balance with each other, you know, yin and yang, and because of that, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to do a deed worthy for humanity’s sake. I’ve got a retired military officer for a dad and a neighborhood baker for a mom, and I’ve been living in Port Havisham for nine years of my life. It’s impossible for you to be a well-rounded individual growing up in that kind of low-key life. You are only limited to knowing about your atmosphere, the surroundings around your hometown and nothing about the kingdom’s urban cities, especially the happenings within the palace walls.

Do I keep up with the so-called celebrity gossip involving the royal idols? I don’t know what you’re talking about, Sir.

I only learned two things while I was getting older: peace and equality among humanity, no matter what background, race, or origin they may come from. I helped Mom bake cakes, breads, cookies, and candy for the store. I read books. I even go hiking around the forest and go fishing with Dad whenever there’s an opportunity. I also harvested fruits from the local orchards too. I don’t have that many friends, but I’m not complaining. I’m currently enjoying what I have now and that’s all that matters.

What’s this explanation got to do with my committing murder? Well, I would simply just say this. If I don’t commit murder, someone else will die by getting robbed off of their right to live. I killed because the one who will die will die unjustly and with no reason. I believe that there should be a justified, valid reason to commit life-ending sins like murder. Committing a crime for personal gain or simply for fun is sinful. Does this make me sound like a hypocrite? Of course.

But before you jump in and interrupt my answer to your question, I also want to point this out. We all have to commit a sin at some point, one way or the other, for the sake of good. For example, we have to be spiteful in some way to show others how much we care and love them. It’s evil to be spiteful just because you think you are better or more of a higher authority than the other.

I can’t say the identities of the lives I’ve saved by committing that murder, but I can tell you the one who fell victim under my murderous hands. The victim committed the same thing, but the victim committed them just for his own perverse pleasure. It didn’t matter whether his target was a man, woman, child, animal, as long as it’s killing, the victim was satisfied. I wanted my victim to suffer how it feels to be the one being killed.

On the other hand, I also gave my victim the pleasure of not enduring through that endless pain and suffering by pulling the trigger right here. Click. Bang. Done.

How did I get my hands on the murder weapon at that age? Did you forget the name of my father and what my father was before we settled down? Alright, we are now on the same page.

I came here because from my understanding, my name was already written in your records the time my father entered me in to your annual Royal Junior Duels Festival. Let me clarify though. My name was already written in your records at the time that I was declared the champion of that year’s Royal Junior Duels Festival. I even defeated the favorite contender and broke a lot of hearts of girls all around Asturia. I wasn’t just proud of myself for winning, but I won for my family and for the people and honor of my hometown. I gained respect from my fellow contenders and even the Royal Family themselves. That was the best reward I ever received and I thank all of you for making one goal fulfilled for myself and for my family.

Some hours right after the duels festival, I committed the crime of killing a man.

And then, the first question you ask me once I answered your summoning is if I had any experience in killing people? I actually thought that I was under arrest and eventually be executed for committing murder. I guess you could say that I deserved it, as long as those who were about to die that day were saved and still living today.

Now, you just made me laugh. Your second question really did make me laugh. In fairness though, I felt relieved with your second question of this interview.

Would I commit the same crime again in the name and honor of the world? If this task is aligned with my values and beliefs, if this task is meant for the sake of world peace and equality, then yes, I would do it again.

Murder? Who is the victim? You can’t tell me now and have to wait from the Royal Family to determine who you want me to kill? I guess I’ll wait the words from my superior the name of the fated individual for this mission then.

What was that? Could you repeat that again? Let me confirm. My superior happens to be the Crown Prince himself?

Yes, I have heard of the legend of the God Prince. I mean, it’s the folk legend of Asturia, right? What kind of Asturian who wouldn’t be familiar with that story? It may sound cheesy, but it is a countrywide favorite story that can be passed on from generation to generation. The Legend of the God Prince defines who is Asturian and who isn’t, and the story also defines the real Asturia. They consider it as a legend, rather than a folk myth, so there are some parts of it that are real—-

Oh, it exists? I mean, it’s really real? As in really real?

Please, clarify this for me, Sir. The Crown Prince, his princess, and their group of royal and noble friends will guide me from the beginning until the day of the mission. We are talking about Crown Prince Arn of Azuria, Princess Yui of Harland, and their heroic friends whom many of the girls my age go nuts over here. You are saying that the Crown Prince, his beloved princess, and his rather popular princely friends will be the ones who will train and nurture me in…
Committing the second murder of my life?

I love my country and its rulers and its people. I was born to be forever loyal to the honor of Asturia, but I have to admit to all of you royal hipsters.

The Crown Prince is insane. His princess and their other royal friends are insane. Even you are insane. I finally got the pleasure of getting close to the so-called Royal Babies and I will be trained by them personally to kill someone. All I need is a long-range gun and a bullet and that would be enough for me to kill someone. What exactly am I being trained on that would make my killing effective?

I have one question to conclude this interview.  What would be my benefit and my downfall if I succeed in committing my second murder?

Should anything ever happens to me, it will greatly affect my family and my hometown, and if anything really bad happens to me, you should know who to blame.


I would really love for all of you to come and visit my site. I would like to read any comments or thoughts coming from you regarding this short piece. What do you think Hawkeye K.O. is all about? Are you all interested in this new piece of writing I’ve come up with and encourage me to continue? Comments and anything you may want to say really is important to me, so please, do leave a word here. 

Thank you so much for all your support!