It’s finally open!

Yup. It’s about time! My fiction/fanfiction/etc. writing site is finally open! If this is the first time that you’ve visited, or if you were directed from my personal Twitter or a frequent reader of the rather non-active CCS fanfic blog that’s hosted in my hobbies collective, I would like to thank  you for putting up with my online absence and my “writer’s hiatus” and actually decided to follow me all the way here.

For sure, I will be doing A LOT of updating with my writing community profiles, which mainly includes changing the URLs of my (personal) sites and such. Second, I started working on an original fiction a few months ago, but because of other things, also ended up halting. In fact, I didn’t even get to finish the first chapter. Go figure. 

Other than that, currently I have been revamping a lot of my sites, now that I finally got the confidence and the inspiration to do so. I’ve also got a few upcoming non-me1 web projects lined up right after I’m done with my portfolio and I am very excited for them! With just a little bit of perseverance, I’ll finally be able to establish myself as a legit freelancer. 

But I’m not writing this to talk about my web designer/developer side. I’m here to write about my other love: writing.

So, what is it that made me open a separate stand-alone site dedicated solely to my written works? Here are a few simple reasons why:

  • To serve as a writing portfolio as a basis of proof that I do have some writing experience whenever I apply for content writing (or any other type of writing) jobs available about there.
  • To serve as a portal to share all of my thoughts and whereabouts and the goings-ons in relation to the writing projects I’m currently working on.
  • To write opinions and other blog entries in relation to other books, authors, etc.
  • To write full book reviews (when applicable).

Therefore, I welcome you all to my writing site! If you happen to have your own writing site— or maybe a friend or so— and would like to exchange links, simply please contact me, whether by my email form or via social media.

Thank you again for visiting and (even though there isn’t much to see just yet) hope you’re enjoying your visit! 

On the sidenote...

  1. as in non-personal sites… []