Epistolary Fanfiction?

I was one of the casual gamers who pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV back in late November. Ever since I started playing, I haven’t been able to exit out of the game because there’s just so much to do in that game that can steer you away from the main story. And for me, it’s a good thing. I fell in love with the game and the concept and the posse (the four main playable guys, lead by the crown prince of Lucis, Noctis “Noct” Lucis Caelum) and their endless road trips to endless adventures and missions, just so they can prepare themselves for yet another upcoming war against Nifleheim Empire and take back their home kingdom from their grasp.

But, just like any Shakespearean-like epic stories, the goal always has something else to be exchanged, and (no spoilers!) I am getting the feeling that the ending may have to be something like that. I saw the movie prequel, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, and seeing the main character (Nyx Ulric) exchange something so precious to him in order to save his home from eternal destruction, in addition to the power of the Ring of the Lucii and the Crystal and what it can do to anyone who harnesses that power, the same fate may happen to our king for the sake of the earth.

But, thank goodness for the upcoming downloadable content that Square Enix plans to release in the upcoming times. For writers like me, in a way, it gives me ideas and time to explore around the areas in the game not part of the main story. In fact, it has given me so much ideas to write stories about the adventures of the four-hero posse, as they explore and get to know their home kingdom of Lucis outside the walls of the Royal Capital, Insomnia. And, rather than the ending I fear may come out, I want to make my own ending:

Defeat the real final boss without any sacrifices (there’s always compromising with the Astrals and the past spirits of Lucian Kings, after all, that’s what Nyx Ulric did, didn’t he?) and eventually, all of Eos will be saved. And then, the prince marrying his princess (Lunafreya), both ascend to the throne of Lucis, and the rebuilding of Lucis and the rest of the world will begin. Because both still have to get to know and be more familiar with the kingdom they rule and the people who live in it, they have decided to gather their posse once again, soup up the Regalia (that fancy Tesla-like royal car) via Cindy (the pretty mechanic girl with that charming Southern accent), and make another road trip, driving right towards the sunset.

I thought about writing epistolary ((epistolary story: a story that has been compiled by personal accounts and documents by other people not quite directly involved with the main story)) fanfic about FFXV: accounts based on other people’s point of views about Noctis and his posse. Views of non-playable characters, such as Cindy the Mechanic (boy do I love Cindy), Cid the former mate of the late King Regis, Weskham (another former mate of the late King Regis), Dave (the head hunter who sought Noctis’ and bros’ help to find hunter dog tags for him), Vyv (the president/CEO of Meteor Magazine who gave Noct and bros some photography missions for money), etc. etc. I think it would be a fun project to write about, but I don’t think that’ll start anytime soon.

I’ve got enough screenshots to use for an upcoming FFXV fansite, but I don’t know when to open that. We’ll just see what happens.