CCS in my heart, but no more time

It’s been months since I last wrote my entry here in this blog. I specifically mentioned that I would be starting an original novel story/series that would be in the cozy mystery genre. For some reason, the characters, concepts, and anything related to that upcoming story has been in my mind almost 24/7, mainly at work and sometimes whenever I am going through my web development online learning. I even think of that story whenever I have my nightly video game session with my friends. However, I’m having a problem of actually jotting those down on paper because I seriously don’t know where to start and simply, just how to start it all and then get in that storytelling mojo and not think about anything else.

Just earlier this morning, I received a few emails coming from FFnet readers regarding my discontinued CCS fanfic, Troop Pegalion. I know that I haven’t been really updating my FFnet profile/bio page, however, not being active in any fiction writing of any kind should already tell you what’s been going on with me as of late. I also don’t remember if I ever promoted my personal blog here, where I write about my real life and among other things unrelated to fiction/fanfiction writing. If I have, and if some of you do decide to take the time to come and visit, you would exactly know why I haven’t been active altogether.

I had to write this because a few of the messages I’ve received are somewhat overwhelming and at the same time disturbing personally. These private messages sounded rather too demanding, or just plain desperate. Although I always appreciate that there are those who do read my work, the readers must also appreciate that, like them, life also happens to me. In addition, I am not paid to write this fanfic in the first place, so in other words, I have the freedom to write and not write whatever and whenever I please, depending on the time I am allowed to use for these purposes. I also have different (or maybe new) interests as well. Right now I am truly devoted to my online education in web development while at the same time play video games at night with friends after a long day of work. And of course, I also have a job if I haven’t mentioned it from before. As you know, we all have to sacrifice a little to fulfill some of the more important matters in life, and in this case, I have dropped fiction writing. Like web development, writing in itself takes a lot of time.

Second, to the person who demanded that I “send” her the fourth chapter of Troop Pegalion. I do NOT have the fourth chapter, and if I did, I would upload it in FFnet and other writing community sites for everyone to read. I do not write and then send it directly to them without even posting it in public for everyone else to read. I find that rather offensive and rude. Unless if that person actually pays me something in exchange, I don’t do deals like that for anyone for free. Hard work of any kind should always deserve a compensation of some sort. This, on the other hand, is unacceptable to me. The more I get these “please send me the next chapter…” etc. etc. requests, the more I do not want to write anymore.

Lastly, I still love CCS. It’s one of the most favorite classic series I’ve ever read and watch. In fact, both my desktop and my brand-new laptop has CCS-themed wallpapers and stuff in them. I will always treasure my favorite characters in Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li and Kero and other notable characters. I may no longer write fanfiction of any kind, I try to do other things to commemorate the series, but right now, just keeping them alive in my memory through desktop wallpapers and such is how I commemorate them.

If you don’t understand a single word I’ve written in this blog entry regarding my status with fanfiction writing in general, please re-read this entire post again. Either that or you can email me as usual and whine about it if you don’t like what’s written. Thank you.