Asteran’s Best Rescue Medic

I am a rescue medic. I chose this path as my chosen compulsory service role for the Kingdom of Asteran. My family at first were against it because of my weak heart, however, knowing I have a short life, being out there, saving the lives of people from the horrors of war and other types of accidents, would make my death a lot more worthy.

Being a knight in battle is stressful enough. Being a commander of a unit involved in a war is a lot more stressful. But being a rescue medic is as equally stressful as both. If fighting for a country is honorable to die, I feel that saving others’ lives from dying as a way to die may worth a lot more.

My family has a history of weak hearts, and that many of my predecessors died serving their roles for the sake of the people and Asteran. My grandfather died because he was a commanding officer killed in battle while at the same time suffered from a heart attack. My father remained at home to spend the rest of his life with family until his time arrives. I, on the other hand, would rather die while keeping others alive.

And yet, here I am, writing this short entry. I have been asleep for almost a week and couldn’t remember anything before that. I woke up in a very clean, very upscale hospital room, with doctors and nurses with sharp uniforms. I still couldn’t tell where I really am, but rest assured, I’m still in Asteran. The doctors and nurses spoke to me like locals, so that is how I know.

The doctor said that I am a success. I didn’t know what they mean by that, but he said that I no longer have a weak heart. I almost died out in the battlefield saving the lives of two dying knights, he said. I should’ve died there when I had a heart attack, trying to defend those two badly injured knights from the demon who tried to kill them. I should have died there, I argued.

Instead, he said to me that miracles happen. He gave me the bad news that one of the two did not make it, however, the poor knight’s family and even their colleagues and commanding officers had me to thank. I still didn’t understand then.

I was then told that this new heart implanted inside me is my reward for my efforts. One died, but the one who survived was more important to them, and I felt bad hearing those words from them. The poor knight’s family’s reward for me was another chance at life.

My original weak heart was no longer inside me. I am now breathing like a normal human now. Still, I find it hard to get used to. I don’t know what to think right now, whether I should cry for the poor soul or thank the family of that poor soul who gave me another chance.

Ah, the doctor stopped by. He said that I have a visitor. Two, in fact. Never have I expect any visitors other than family, but this is just ridiculous.

The Crown Prince of Asteran and his beloved crown princess are now standing before me. It’s time for me to put the pen down for now.

After the greetings and introductions, the first words that came out from my mouth to start our brief conversation was:

“Why am I still alive? Why?”

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince simply answered:

“I need you. That is why you were given a second life.”