Adri Mars at A3O

It’s been some years since I temporarily abandoned fanfiction writing,1 and lately I have been rather upset with FanfictionNET that they removed all the links leading to outside sites, which mean, I can’t even link my own sites there. I mean, seriously, I don’t get it.

Ever since I joined Amassment, I have discovered a brand-new writing community dedicated solely to fanfiction: Archive of Our Own (A3O). Because this is in alpha (?) mode, they require new members to receive an invitation to start posting their works using their brand-new platform. I love the ease and the organization of it, where you can write your side notes, such as your author notes, in different fields rather than writing them on the same file as your story like you had to do with FFnet. Also, when you request an invitation for an account, it doesn’t take more than 48 hours to receive your acceptance. I got my membership approved two days after I signed up for it.

So, I’m reposting my CCS fanfics there, and it’s also a perfect opportunity for me to do a lot of fixes with the original rough draft of Stuffed Animal back in 2013. Once I polish and post all of Stuffed Animal in A3O, I will repost the newly-edited story back in FFnet. At the same time, I am writing (slowly) Troop Pegalion, and posting it on FFnet at the same time.

In addition, because I fell in love with my alternate universe, and of course, the characters including the original ones I created, and the experimental magical realism that I incorporated with my niche of rom-com, I decided to make Stuffed Animal and Troop Pegalion (and also any future CCS fanfics connected to these two stories) as part of a brand-new series called Love According to the Book of Keroberos. I haven’t introduced this yet on FFnet, but I already started mentioning it on my author’s notes at A3O.

Want to follow me on A3O? Please check me out over there. Thanks so much!

On the sidenote...

  1. for CCS, obviously []