Terms of Use

This is a very critical section that ALL visitors should read. Please take the time to understand and honor the Terms of Use. Thank you!

The following Terms of Use is pretty much straightforward and direct to the point. In short, respect my works and my authority over these said works simply by not copying them, pasting them on your site (or even some social networks and writing communities) and then claiming them as your own.

There is nothing painful and upsetting for a writer, let alone an artist, being violated by anyone by duplicating his/her hard work and then going around proclaiming that the said work is theirs. Also, this is also a form of plagiarism, and it is against international copyright laws.

What you’re allowed to do without permission

  • Quote ANY of my written works as a source. Like for example, you are writing a blog entry, and you’re making a reference to any piece that I wrote in any of my works, as long as you give proper credit. A link to this site is more than enough.
  • Share ANY of my written works in social media. Thanks for the plug! I appreciate it! (as long as you link to the proper URL!)

What you’re NOT allowed to do without permission

Don’t even bother trying. I will find and catch you, and if worse comes to worse, you will be sued.
  • Writing spinoffs or sequels to ANY of my written work. There is copying/pasting and then claim it as your own,1 and then there’s writing spinoffs or different versions or any form of stories written about mine (sequels, for example). Unless I mention somewhere that I’m handing over any unfinished work to any willful writer who wish to continue it, you need to ask permission from me to do this. Otherwise, this would be stealing.
  • Direct linking any images used. There will be some images that I’ve made/modified that I post in this site and there will be some images that I have gathered from other various sources. No matter what type of images they may be, you are not allowed to direct-link them to your site. If you plan on posting any of my original/modified images into your site, you need permission from me first. Otherwise, you would be stealing.
  • Reposting ANY of my written work on your site, your social media, or anywhere else. There is a reason why there is a URL that links directly to the work itself. If you plan to repost any of my works in your site or social media, do the simplest thing by posting the actual source link. In that way, other uses who may see your reposting will be directly lead to the original source instead of reading some (imitation) copy.
  • Making any profit off of my work. I do not allow any third parties to request permission to repost any of my work in to their site and services in exchange for money. If I were going to make a profit out of my works, I will be doing them myself. After all, I think I deserve all the profit for working really hard on that piece of work, right? You shouldn’t be doing the same as well.


Always holler. I’m available when time permits me to be. 

On the sidenote...

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