Hello, and welcome to my official writing blog and site. My name is Adri Mars and writing is one of my favorite passions while I’m having my presence at the internet. I won’t go much into detail about myself since I already wrote the basics at the footer of this site.

I opened this website because I felt that now is the right time to have a separate website dedicated to my writing alone. I used to have it integrated into my personal blog, where it also included my reviews and anything that simply relates to my writing in general. I also had a separate fanfiction blog dedicated to the anime Card Captor Sakura, in which I also integrated that site with this one as well. I don’t think I will be transferring that site’s database into this one since there isn’t much of a spoiler in there. Hopefully, this method will work out a whole lot better for me.

This site will not just contain plain blog entries about my writing, but I also plan to include some reviews and even some writing tips for fellow aspiring writers such as myself. I don’t consider myself an expert, but I’m the type to learn things from other prolific writers and share their secrets with fellow writers as well. After all, it is legal.

Well then, as we go along, let’s go through the mini-tidbits of this site.

The Barebones

This site has been created and supercharged by the following tools:

Adri Mars…?

No relation to Bruno Mars, even though he shares some Filipino blood and heritage as me1 and that he hails in a two-hour plane flight from where I currently live.

My pen name of Adri Mars derived from my real name, Adrianne Marie. I used to go by different usernames before as a (fan)fiction writer, but after realizing that none of those usernames really reflect who I am as a writer, I decided to come up with a new name that would truly define me.

I’ve been using this name ever since I went full force into writing again a few years ago.2 After finally defining the types of genres that I enjoyed writing in, not only did I find my “niche” genre, but I also discovered my “writer persona,” so to speak.

So, there you go. A brief little history of this pen name. 

The person behind Adri Mars?

The lowdown about me? Just for the quickies, I am a web developer/designer in hopes of making a living out of something I love, alongside being a writer, and in some occasions, an artist. I am also currently taking classes and earning certifications at Udemy, among places of online learning, with various things. I study mostly web development, blogging/site platforms, and the likes. My writing classes are also there in Udemy.

And because that I am a web developer/designer, this also means that I own other sites other than this one. Please do visit when you can. 

Just the fun stuff…


I write like
Cory Doctorow

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!


On the sidenote...

  1. so in a way, as Filipinos, we are somewhat related. []
  2. 2012. []
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